29 December 2008

Dropping Furniture on show

In December 2008 our video installation DROPPING FURNITURE is shown in a group show called "Soot From the Funnel" at Lokaal 01 in Breda (Holland) and at the "Central European Art Festival" in Trnva (Slovakia).

The single-channel film version premiered at 2008's Austrian film festival VIENNALE and has been invited for ex. to this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Hong Kong Int. Film Festival 2009. Yippiäh!

02 December 2008

Pictures of an Exhibition

Our show "Paul Horn & Harald Hund - Living Rooms" at Knoll Galerie (www.knollgalerie.at) in Vienna closed recently. It was about living spaces which we inhabit. Part of the show was our new video installation "Dropping Furniture" (picture above). On the other pictures you see two of my works called "Modernism for the Poor 1 and 2".