29 July 2006

Karaoke at Winnie's Bar

Winnie's Bar is a great Karaoke joint on Bayard St (Chinatown). We have our farewell party from the ISCP NY. The guests love to sing and some of the them are great at it. There is a 50ish Italian guy with a tight shirt stretching over his big belly. He just looks like a mafia guy from Little Italy.
During certain songs the tension in the place rises pretty high, people laugh, sing and scream.

17 July 2006

A burlesque show at the Slipper Room

The burlesque show which is held in a bar on the Lower East Side is hosted by a crazy guy dressed in a bunny costume. It features absurd acts like a Russian ninja fighter who takes out candle flames with a whip, a transvestite stripper in a bird costume as well as two fat women playing bad strippers.
The blue bunny who leads through the show is a gay guy who is pretty hard on the audience. His voice oscillates between a high gay tone and ugly dark sounds. He sometimes screams at people, makes fun of them and he is awesome in general. The show is intense and great fun.

11 July 2006

A bike trip to Rockaway Beach

A friend of mine and me ride our bikes to Rockaway Island in a 3 hour trip. It takes 2 freaking hours to cross Brooklyn from Brooklyn Bridge to its Southern tip! Once we get there we cross a bridge which looks like from a Jules Verne book to finally get on the island in the Atlantic Ocean. An Italian girl rides her bike on the island's main road holding up a flag to celebrate Italy's victory in the World Championship.
We go through a deserted military area and reach a sand beach with only a few people. On the other side of the island we find a beach community with neat little wooden houses.

06 July 2006

The Mermaid Parade at Coney Island