10 May 2007

Good Bye New York

Last view...

As I leave Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Brooklyn area where I stay during my trip to New York , a black guy, who sits on the sidewalk, waves at me in a really friendly way. This is very nice given that white people are sometimes not too welcome in this black neighbourhood (they usually cause rents to go up). I take it as a good-bye wish. I like Bed-Stuy.


Blogger Andrew said...

hello hund,
i came across your blog as i was looking for a similar bike as mine...you and i have (had) the same panasonic bike. reading your blog for the last few moments, i realize how relatively different yet similar your life is to mine. your blogs looked lonely with 0 comments, now you have one! hope you enjoyed your stay in brooklyn.

2:25 AM  

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