13 March 2006

body measure

while the cockroaches have gained 50% in body size their death toll has also risen to 30. i get all of you, fuckers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi dog ! hope you'll think of moondog and leave some flowers for him (on lexington/ 80th street ???).
I remember a roach killer called "roach motel" the slogan sounded: "they check in but they never check out". my friend chris said: on c avenue the'll eat that for breakfast. what are U using nowadays ??? hope you're fine, yours dr. a

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vergiften vergiften vergiften und darschlogn , tipp foxy

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello harry, we enjoyed all the cockroach stories. just one thing: the mama cockroach carries the eggs on her stomach - if you squeeze the female she drops the eggs and there you are - you killed the mother but you get about 100 orphan cockroaches!!!
so you better think about a cockroach exterminator!
Spring greetings from Austria Katrin & Michael

8:08 PM  

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